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About Graze & Savor

Hi, I am Nicole Whitman, owner of Graze & Savor. Some of my fondest memories center around family and friends, crowded around the kitchen table, sharing food, recipes and stories. Food always brought joy to every occasion, whether it was a big celebration or a casual get together. Over the years, as I began hosting my own gatherings, I took great pleasure in sharing my food creations with others, and presenting them in beautiful ways. On a whim, I began creating charcuterie boards for friends and family for special occasions, and quickly realized my passion for entertaining through food. After receiving an overwhelming positive response from friends and family, I knew I wanted to continue to share my talents with others, and Graze & Savor was born!

I love finding new cheeses, charcuterie, and other accompaniments so that no two graze boards are alike. Only the freshest produce and other ingredients available are sourced, making our grazes both aesthetically pleasing and delicious. Our grazes bring style and ease of entertaining, and leave a lasting impression on your guests. It is my pleasure to create grazes which bring joy and allow you to truly connect and make lasting memories with friends and family.